Mr. Ingram's Computer
Repair & Shoppe

Simple, Local, Quality.

Following these three words, to the letter;

SIMPLE to understand services & explanations.
LOCAL business owner servicing our community.
QUALITY services, not quick cheap-out.


Sunday & Monday ------ Closed
Tuesday - Friday --- 9AM - 5PM
Saturday ----------- 10AM - 2PM


Not sure what is wrong, or you don’t see the service you need?
Go ahead and give me a call or stop on by and I’ll be sure to answer your question.

$20 Over-The-Counter Help

Need quick help, a little bit of advice, or show you how to do a quick trick? I may be able to help you right then and there over the counter!

$50 Back-Room Labor

All computers I have to take to the back room to repair or diagnose goes to a $50 labor and time fee. This fee is wiped with most services.

$150 Total PC Tune-up

Slow computer, Viruses, bugs, popups? This service solves common software problems, getting your PC back the performance it once had before.

$100 Windows Install

Need a clean copy of Windows installed? I sell new genuine copies of Windows and fully update it for you! Making sure that Windows is all good to go.

$20+ Data Backup

Computer won't turn on? Too slow to use? Got a new computer? I can backup and recover your User Files! Documents, Pictures, Videos, ect.

$50/30 min. House Call

Can't bring your computer in, or is it a location based problem? I can come out to you! Give me a call or email to set up an appointment.


Can you leave us a review?

We hold our online reviews and spread from word-of-mouth very high.
If we have been able to help you in the past, may I ask you to leave a review on Google or Facebook.
It truly does help people find us online!
Thank you for giving us an opportunity to offer our services to you and our community.

The Team

Jacob Ingram


Bruce Wayne

The Goodest Boy



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812 West Main St. Locust, NC 28097


(704) 781 - 5038


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